Cloud Solution

We accompany our customers in their journey to the Cloud. We build cloud architecture, focused on Big data, AI, Cloud applications and DevOps containers, designing infrastructures, consulting about cloud strategy and master in the fields of PaaS, Optimization and much more.

We also optimize Azure platform, based on the customer architecture and its technical needs, accompany migration to the cloud and constructing the entire digital cloud or hybrid architecture components.

But more then all, we are your true partner when you’re doing your steps into the cloud world.

We are Microsoft gold Partner and CSP, providing Azure services integrated with open source solutions, Including: licensing, architecture consulting, implementation of technological solutions, management and optimization, support and managed billing.

As part of the CSP program, we’ve got your back – with our ongoing support alongside with pro-active actions, to make sure you are always on top. Being part of CSP program has many advantages:

• Working with supplier who has proven capabilities and direct contact with Microsoft.
• Ongoing technical support of local cloud architects specializing in design and implementation of complex cloud solutions.
• Optimization of infrastructures and architecture.
• Administrative support for customer account management of Microsoft CSP portal and reduced price for cloud consumption.

Cloud Managed Service (CMS) offers a new method of management, with a focus on scale, elasticity, and automation. We are taking end-to-end ownership on your cloud assets – from strategy, to development, through full support and optimization. Why it’s so important? Because it’s much easier to develop a strategy for routine monitoring management, than reacting retrospectively and putting out fires.

It also allows you to stay updated, get access to necessary skills and address a range of issues related to cost, quality of service and risk.

We are trusted-advisor who offers a long-term investment and relationship by taking full ownership of the end-to-end of customer solutions.

Technology is our passion and developing in-house products (we called them toys) is real fun for us.

We have several solutions that we’ve created to help our customers achieve more:

• Redis Enterprise implementation on Azure, which is a primary database for Instant Experience and automatic solution for a rapid growth.
• Managed, budget-controlled Dev & Test environment on Azure, that is automated and ready for use according to customer templates.
• Accompaniment of Blockchain process, from concept to implementation and development.
• Messaging Bot with the intelligence, comprehension and empath of a human. Our chatbots have machine learning and deep learning capabilities, but the most amazing thing about them is the ability to understand natural language of customer requests. That feature allows customers to communicate with business in a natural way and to get all their services (digital and non-digital), with a conversational interface which they are familiar with (Instance messaging apps).

Cut down the development time with drag-and-drop website builder. Drop the blocks into the page, edit content inline and publish - no technical skills required.

Choose from the large selection pre-made blocks - full-screen intro, bootstrap carousel, slider, responsive image gallery with, parallax scrolling, sticky header and more.

Digital Transformation

The business world is not changing, it already has been changed.

We believe digital is a new way of thinking, which leads to a whole new business world – and new business models are born every day Therefore, we set ourselves a goal – to take our customers through the digital journey and providing one stop shop, with our technological and business practical experience.

This service includes consulting by leading architects in leading technologies, focusing on modern mindset and the ability of taking our customers to the digital era, by making significant adjustments of their present business model.

Dev Center

Our development center specializes in software development projects and offers end-to-end solutions in the digital and cloud fields.

We believe in full transparency with the customer at every stage of the project's lifecycle and we always aim to meet the customer objectives, in both business and technological aspects.
We have two models:

1.Turn-Key Projects – we will take your care of your project from A-Z, including:
• Specialize in web and mobile solutions
• Full-stack development expertise
• Focused on the Open source platform
• Offers Unique model base on scrum methodologies

2.Dedicated Dev team – we are providing managed outsourcing services, including:
• More than 70 talented full stack in-house developers
• Development teams who are working on customers’ systems in a flexible model of development both from the company's offices and from the customer’s site
• Resource allocation, project management by a senior developer, resources and logistics management for support needs and ongoing professional training
• Unique recruiting model for excellent religious students. The selected women participating in professional Boot Camp where they are trained in selected technologies.

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